Curated by Rethinking MATTER: Sasha Rose Richter, Pamela Grombacher and Nana Bendix Hansen.
Artists: Carolien Adriaansche (NL), Louis Andre Jørgensen (DK), Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen (DK), Villiam Miklos Andersen (DK), Julie Stavad (DK) & MOTOR: Laurits Nymand Svendsen (DK), Malte Klagenberg (DK) & Margrét Agnes Iversen (IS)
Rethinking MATTER: Biotic Synthetic asks: What happens when we pull organic materials into a built exhibition space? How do these materials respond to artificial processes? How do they change when confronted with man-made substances? And, how can synthetic materials challenge our perceptions of the natural and the unnatural?
Before and during the exhibition we coordinated following acticities:
Residency: April 23-May 7, 2017 (Carolien Adriaansche)
Workshop: May 3, 2017 (led by Carolien Adriaansche)
Artist Talk: May 4, 5-6 pm (Carolien Adriaansche, presented in collaboration with Aarhus Center for Visual Art)
Performance: May 19, 6:30-6:50 pm (Louise Haugaard Jørgensen)

May 19 - June 25, 2017, Godsbanen, Aarhus Denmark.

Supported by Danish Art Foundation, Aarhus Municipality, and Aarhus Center for Visual Art.
Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen: Untitled (detail)

Regitze Engelsborg Karlsen: Untitled, 2017 (detail). Photo: Mariana Gil (courtesy of Kulturmagasinet Fine Spind)

MOTOR: Construction, 2017 (detail)

MOTOR: Construction, 2017 (detail). Photo: Laurits Nymand Svendsen

Photo credit: Minik Busk Langkjær, Laurits Nymand Svendsen & Mariana Gil (courtesy of Kulturmagasinet Fine Spind)
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