My role: Curator as a part of the Rethinking MATTER team. Curated with Pamela Grombacher and Nana Bendix Hansen.
Artists: Nat Bloch Gregersen (DK) & Nika Blasser (US)
Rethinking MATTER explores the stuff of art; the materials that shape what art can be and do. In this show we focused in on the matearial Salt bringing together two artists who experiment with the physical properties of this material to reveal its aesthetic potential. Both artists created new, site-specific works for the exhibition. 
Residency: December 14 - January 6 (Nika Blasser at Tækker AIR Aarhus)
Video installation: December 26-31 (PLADS artspace, videos by Nika Blasser)
Opening reception: January 5, 4-6 pm

January 5-26, 2018, PLADS artspace, Aarhus, Denmark.

Supported by Aarhus Municipality, Tækker Group/Tækker Foundation, and Producan. Nika Blasser was awarded Career Opportunity Grants from both the Oregon Arts Commission and The Ford Family Foundation.

Nika Blasser: Salt Land, Salt Sea: Drømme fra vor Jord, 2018 (detail)

Nat Bloch Gregersen: Iris, 2018 (detail). Photo by Minik Busk Langkjær

PLADS artspace, opening night.

Photo credit: Minik Busk Langkjær, Pamela Grombacher & Shu Yi
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